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The global demand for Indian organic products is on the rise and this is why Organic Shop has taken its first step forward to develop a global platform for more than 7500 organic SKUs from close to 100 on a platform which will enable the international consumers to reach out and buy Indian organic products online, allowing them to easily access the authentic, organic Indian products across categories like food, cosmetics, health and wellness, home essentials and clothing. The website is currently reaching out to global organic consumers across 40 countries and aims to expand to 200 countries by 2017.

Make in India

The vision of developing this unique global platform for organics is to empower both the organic consumers as well as the Indian organic producers who will have bigger scale and market to generate employment and income which is not only favorable but essential for the Indian organic market.

With our in-depth research and firsthand experience of marketing Indian organic brands since past two decades, we have the desired exposure and skills to create a global platform which allows the global consumers to shop for Indian organic products that are not just authentic but are certified as per the global standards. Our team at Organic Shop has carefully scrutinized and personally investigated only those organic products that are truly global standard, authentic and with all the required certifications to be easily shipped to specific countries across the globe. This is an initiative that portrays our vision to organize the otherwise scattered organic market in India as well as to bring about transparency at every level of market mechanism in the organics Industry.


Develop global ecosystem for organic retail to empower the organic industry and create transparency in the way organics are produced and consumed worldwide.


Develop a global platform and reach out to more than 200 countries with the largest catalogue of Indian organic products by 2017.

The farmers, producers and manufacturers of Organic products in India are still dealing with limited demand and hence are not able to expand their operations for organics owing to the organic industry still at a nascent and developing stage. On the other hand, there is a lot of demand for Indian organic products in the global market for organics. Therefore, there is a huge gap that needs attention and solutions to be looked after. Organic Shop is a medium that will bridge this gap to develop a seamless and transparent ecosystem of organics marketing.

We are determined to hand hold every organic manufacturer, farmer, producer and supplier to expose their authentic, global standard organic products to the global consumers. Our goal is empowerment to the organic industry globally, and empowerment to the global supply chain from India to develop a wider, more profitable market for organics to venture into thereby developing mechanisms that derive more profits for organic supply chain. On the consumer side, there are unmet needs that exist for Indian organic products at the global level which will be satisfied by this unique website that aims to bring together both the sides of the table.

What’s in it for Suppliers?

Our long standing relationships with some of the most reputed organic brands have today allowed us to launch this website. For the supply side, this is an unmatched, first of its kind opportunity. This is a platform that will showcase your products at a global level allowing the exposure of your organic products to global organic audiences. If you are an Indian organic supplier, manufacturer, retailer or a farmer, you have an opportunity to enter the world of endless opportunities and demand for your products at a global scale, surpassing borders and limitations. Breaking the odd is our motto and delivering to our partners is our primary business goal.

If you want to list your products on our global website or if you have any query regarding this opportunity, then please feel free to write to us at One of our expert alliance managers will get in touch with you within 24 hours.

Launching our first ever video that sums up our core values, our widest range of organics that are the most sought after and our philosophy overall. Come join us and be a part of the revolutionary organic movement.


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