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Menstrual Imbalance

Every girl and woman is sick of irregular menstrual cycles, PMS, cramps and other menstruation related problems and to get rid of them uses allopathic medicines and other tonics that might alleviate the pain but causes long term side effects. But now you can get rid of all the former problems simply by using something certified herbal, Ayurvedic and natural which is completely ecofriendly and side effects free.

That is why Organic shop brings to all the ladies wide range of effective herbal, Ayurveda and natural products made specially for the menstrual imbalance. From the top herbal and natural brands of India like AXL, Truu, StBotanica Inlife and more these products are best known vitalizer for female reproductive organs.

These herbal tonics have unique mucilaginous effect which helps to relieve the pain in the inflamed and irritated dry mucus membrane especially at the vaginal wall. Made completely with effectual natural extracts and herbs, these are also useful in improving general sexual health, improving the fertility of women. Herbs like Shavatri enhances the sexual desire and power of sex, prevents the likelihood of miscarriage, early menopause, and leucorrhea. It is also useful in maintaining the balance of pH level in the cervical area.

Why to use our products?
They Promote mood balance during the premenstrual and menstrual period.

• Helps you maintain a stable mood before and during your menstrual period
• Supports feelings of well-being
• Addresses common ‘blues’ experienced during the premenstrual period
• Supports healthy fluid balance
• Soothes minor ‘cramps’ and ‘aches’ commonly related to the premenstrual and menstrual period
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