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Explore our range of 100% certified organic healthy international soups, try pink lentil soup, French lentil soup, pumpkin soup, tomato cashew nut cream soup and almond soup. Organic Shop brings a wide range of organic Soups that are completely parabens and preservatives free. Coming from the house of the premium organic brand of India- Down to Earth. Our Organic soups are available in flavors like tomato, Ginger, Pumpkin, Cashew Nut cream, Pink Lentil, French Lentil and many more. Being eco friendly and organic does not mean the brand has compromised with its tastes, infact their mouth watery aroma and texture is much better than the convetional’s.

All the soups are made through traditional way, added selected organic ingredients, spices and herbs to suit the palate of people from all parts of the world. Organic soup has been popular for long time but it is still popular as cough and cold medicine/ dish in United States and various other countries.
One of the examples of the organic Soups are :
Cream of pumpkin soup- hearty and nutritious organic certified soup. From folk lore to fairy tales, pumpkin has been a part of popular culinary tradition across the world. In parts of Europe, a housewife’s culinary skills were the pumpkin soup she made.

Pumpkin soup can be served as an appetizer before the main meal. The natural sweetness of pumpkin appeals to kids and adults. It is also healthful because it contains care takers, Xanthippe and lute in which neutralizes free radicals. The color of soup is appetizing and the subtle flavor blends well with other vegetable having full and creamy texture.
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