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Honey is often used as symbol of sweetness and a talisman. Honey is aromatic, rich, digestive, antiseptic and delicious. In Hinduism, honey is one among the 5 elixirs of immortality. Honey gets its great sweetness from monosaccharide; glucose and fructose and has nearly the same sweetness as of granulated sugar.

Honey has striking chemical properties needed for baking, and distinctive flavor which leads a few people to use it over sugar as well as other sweeteners. Honey has exclusive fragrance, consistency and taste. Honey with too much water content isn't suitable for the purpose of long-term preservation.
At Organic Shop we provide the best quality of organic honey that comes directly from the house of the top Indian organic brands such as: Conscious Food, Down to Earth, Khalas, Panchvati Apiaries, Phalada Pure & Sure and Vision Fresh.
These honeys are useful for gastric acidity and help the digestive system.

Salient features of Organic Honey:
a) Honey is Primarily Uniflora and Only Fully capped mature honey is taken out of the Beehives.
b) Honey is not processed; it is strained, cleaned and purified to retain medicinal benefits which fade away when the honey is heated during processing.
c) Honey is purified by removing wax comb
d) Honey is filtered/Strained to remove particles larger than 16 microns using membranes
e) Product is 100 % Natural without any Preservatives.
f) Finished products are AGMARK grade.
Minimum Order amount is 1500.