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Organic shop provides a wide range of organic pickles that are famous among every Indian.
With a tangy, sweet and spicy flavour, we provide organic lemon pickle, mango pickle, Glue berry pickle and more that goes very well with maximum rice and curry items. The taste of bitter lemon tart when combined with different hot spices is simply delicious. These pickles can be relished with sandwich or cold meat as well. There are various kinds of pickles. A few are sour and sweet while the others are hot. Such as:
Green, unripe lasura (glue berry) has a sour flavour which can be confused easily for raw mangos in its pickled state. Its tart and tangy taste makes it a perfect candidate for added preparations, such as marinating and sautéing.
Lasura when mixed with different spices makes an excellent and mouth watering pickle. Coming from the premium organic brands like Khalas and Vision fresh these pickle comes with a guarantee that they have zero added preservatives or any other parabens. Hence are completely side effects free and 100% eco friendly nut that does not make them compromised with the mouth watery tastes and flavours.
Minimum Order amount is 1500.