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Puffed Snacks

Now you don’t have to resort to junk foods for your 4’o clock hunger any more. As you will discover each of our snacks is not just "naturally" nutritious but a delight to the taste buds, these power puffed snacks have been made for you to enjoy guilt free munchies. Organic Shop has brought a range of Organic and natural snacks from the premium organic and natural brands of India such as Down To Earth, Conscious Food and Vision Fresh that are completely parabens and harmful preservatives free, in fact their intake would rather make you fit, healthy and strong than obese, sloppy and fat. Either use the Organic Jaggery chews (chikki) or Sweet Amla candies, we have the healthy snacks for your every mood. Made from organic herbs and ingredients such as rice, banana, sesame, amla etc, these snacks also acts as a antioxidant and blood purifier, hence now you can enhance your beauty simply by sitting and munching in the office.

Available products: banana chips, Amla candies, Chikkis, Red Poha, Red Sesame sticks, Puffed Bajra, Power Wheat and many more
Minimum Order amount is 1500.