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Masala Tea

Buy 100% Certified Organic Masala Tea. Organic Masala Tea is robust and full-flavored with traditional blend of black tea with Indian spices, herbs. Masal tea has been consumed for ages by people all over the world for its medicinal strengths. The antioxidant properties present in the leaves keep health problems at bay, reduce stress, weight, enhance metabolism besides bringing you a host of other health benefits. Our Organic masala tea packs this natural goodness into attractive new packs of long green tea leaves with added organic Indian herbs and spices. So,pep up each day with a cup of Organic and Natural Masal Tea.
At Organic Shop we give the best range of organic Masala Tea of the premium Organic Brands such as: Abali Organic Tea, Chamong, Down to Earth and Organic India, available in different sets and combos.
Brought to you by a families that has been passionate about growing the finest Darjeeling and Assam Teas, Our brands promise the finest brew in every cup.
Packaging: These Masal Tea Long Leaf pack ensures a wholesome therapeutic experience; unfolding the proven health benefits in full measures for you to make the spiciness of these masala tea a part of your daily fitness regime.
While the tea is 100% organic, the packaging materials are also every bit eco-friendly, in keeping with the Company’s environment policy.
Minimum Order amount is 1500.